Sport – Vitality Rehabilitation


Choice between 7 work zones for specific stimulation adapted to each part of the body 5 levels of progression to evolve and progress session after session 4 channels for complete work sessions. 6 programme categories: fitness, aesthetics, massage, vascular, pain relief, rehabilitation. Easy Snap" connection system that allows you to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand by simply pressing it (even on the back!).


Sport: Training and preparation of the muscles for all types of muscular work (endurance, resistance, strength, explosive strength) thanks to the different work sequences. Fitness: Improvement of the metabolism and the contractile qualities of the muscles Increase in cellular exchanges at the level of the stimulated muscles Balanced increase in muscle tone and volume Pain relief: Relaxing, endorphonoid, it reduces pain associated with arthralgia, lumbago, lumbago-sciatica, back pain, cervical pain, sophisticated TENS, epicondylitis. Aesthetics: Abs, buttocks, adipostress, calorilysis, cutaneous elasticity, elasticity, curvature, firming, toning. Vascular: Capilarisation/oxygenation, prevention of cramp, heavy legs, lympho-drainage. Cross-training: Maintenance of general physical condition. Massage: Relaxing, regenerating or toning. Rehabilitation: Amyotrophy, remusculation, strengthening Technical characteristics: 309 programs. Channels: 4 independent voices. Rectangular symmetrical constant current. Adjustable intensity from 0 to 80 mA. Variable frequency (from 1 to 150 Hz). Variable pulse width from 30 to 400 ┬Ás. Graphic display + LCD. Power supply : rechargeable battery. Complies with CE 0459. The Compex stimulator is manufactured in the European Union in accordance with ISO 9001, EN 46001 quality standards. Supplied with: 1 charger. 1 set of electrode cables. 4 bags of electrodes (2 x 4 small and 2 x 2 large). 1 user manual. 1 electrode placement booklet.

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