Training devices against free weights

Weight machines and free weights have their place in your training program and none of them are directly bad. Those who prefer workouts based on free weights believe they can work with a larger part of the body than if they use weight machines that exclude stabilizing muscles. An example of a squat with free weights and a squat with a machine, which of the two is the most stressful in your opinion? An exercise where you have to balance the weight while you are doing it or an exercise that has a fixed movement pattern? The bent knee you do with free weights say some. Others, however, think they can get better contact with the muscle if they do the exercises using a machine. Their argument is that they don't have to think about balancing the weight while performing the exercise. On the other hand, completely excluding free weights is not recommended. Machine exercises should always be done at the end of the workout. If I were to design a training program, then I would start all my exercises with free weights, when I have more energy in my body, such as squats, Ground Lift, bench press or military press. Then, when you're not as excited about free weight exercises, finish the session with different types of weight machines. Many people manage to train with free weights alone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you can exercise in good shape throughout a session, then free weights are superior. If you are injured or a beginner, weight machines can attract more than one person because they require less technical knowledge. It is very important to do exercises with free weights correctly. As a beginner, the emphasis should be on technique. Please ask someone in the gym how to do this or check out instructional videos online. Rehabilitation exercises are often performed with different types of equipment, but this does not mean that rehabilitation exercise should only be done with machines. In many cases, you may feel safer to perform specific rehabilitation exercises with machines, especially if you are a beginner. If you still need to do more research on what rehab training really is, these exercises should improve the condition of your injury, perhaps increase blood flow to a muscle or stabilize a joint. Which one is really the best? Free weights help you stabilize a weight. The muscles involved in the exercise must therefore work harder when using free weights, increasing blood flow and working with the stabilizing muscles.

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