What protein to use when working out?

Bodybuilding protein

Movie stars, famous singers, or sportsmen: all have dream bodies, i.e. the ideal weight, the ideal size, the ideal curves and incredible muscles. That's why bodybuilding has become a trend today, or even a "must", especially for young people. Weight rooms are often overcrowded, weight equipment stores and protein stores are often robbed. But a question arises: What is the best muscle-building protein to take to accompany your weight training sessions? We talk mainly about compatibility and efficiency.

Weight gain

In the jargon of bodybuilding enthusiasts, we often hear the expression "weight gain". But what exactly does this expression mean? Weight gain" means a muscular gain, to form what muscle-building enthusiasts call the chocolate bar on the abdomen, or strong, fleshy biceps. In order to quickly notice a muscular gain, you need to take protein powder. Why is this necessary? Although some foods, such as meat, are rich in protein, they are much more expensive than protein powder. In addition, protein powder provides nutrients on a large scale, and allows nutrients to be absorbed and assimilated more quickly. They also provide amino acids that have a very positive effect on muscles. In fact, after great physical effort, the human body undergoes what is called "muscle catabolism", characterized by damage to the muscles. And proteins promote the process of muscle repair called "anabolism". So, which protein to choose for weight gain?

Fast or delayed release proteins

Which protein to choose? When it comes to fast-dissolving proteins, we're talking mostly about whey, including whey protein, protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey. Whey protein is classified as the best protein, with a high percentage of protein and amino acids in addition to the best taste among powdered proteins. It not only affects the muscles but also boosts the body's performance. However, protein isolate is much richer in protein, with a ratio of 90%. So, which protein to take for lightning-fast results? The isolate of course, and in addition, it is easily assimilated and digested.  There are also the delayed release proteins, which are fast, medium and slow, to ensure a continuous supply of amino acids to the muscles. There are, for example, protein complexes, but they contain a large amount of sugar. There is also casein, which is creamy and with a very good taste, which works wonders combined with whey.

Lactose-free proteins

It is mainly beef protein or soy protein. Which protein to choose to build muscle and see incomparable efficiency? In fact, both types are effective, one of animal origin and the other of plant origin. They are both good alternatives to whey. However, for mass gain, soy protein is not really recommended because it has little energy value. In short, which mass gain protein to choose? Whey is very effective, but beef protein can also be taken in its place, it depends greatly on individual preferences.

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