What’s needed in a home gym

Above all, you need to think about what you are aiming for with your training and your budget. If you want to start with basic exercises, it is recommended that you do so with an adjustable weight bar support and a bench. The Ground Lift, the Recumbent Develop and the Military Press are so-called basic exercises that activate several joints of the body. You therefore train a larger part of the body than if you use a fixed movement training machine. You can do these exercises with the tools. Such a home gym is sufficient for most people. This way you can activate all the muscles of your body with different exercises. For a person with a higher budget, dumbbells can be a good investment. With dumbbells, you can modify the workout or add to it. With this tool, it is easier to isolate different muscle groups than with a weight bar. Bicep curls, lateral stiffeners and flies are excellent exercises that can be done with dumbbells and isolate muscles more than with basic exercises. Kettlebells are also a fun alternative to conventional training. With kettlebells you can train not only strength training, but also fitness and lactic acid resistance. This incredible iron ball can train your whole body. Conventional exercises such as swings, freelancers and Turkish jets are excellent exercises for muscle building and increasing endurance. If you are more interested in cardio training or if you want to complete your training, you should not forget cardio training. A fitness machine should be available at all home fitness centres if you don't like to go out and run or cycle in the autumn and winter. It can be easy to lose motivation or delay cardio training if the snowstorm is 30 degrees below zero. Therefore, it is very good to have the opportunity to train regardless of the weather. An exercise bike, rowing machine, cross trainer, treadmill or air bike are all excellent machines to have in a home gym.

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