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Published on : 22 July 20203 min reading time

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There are several proven and effective exercises to perform with just the weight of your body as an element of resistance. Push-ups, sit-ups, dips, burpees and squats with jumps are five classic exercises that are easy to perform anywhere and do not depend on equipment. The only exercise that requires more than just their own body is the immersions. But if you have a chair in your hotel room or on a park bench if you have one, this is an exercise that no one should miss.


Pumps are performed while lying on your stomach and with your toes on the ground or knees. It is easier to have your knees on the ground if you are a beginner. Next, you put your hands shoulder-width apart and then tighten with your back straight. The more you place your hands on your side, the more they contract and the closer your pectoral muscles get, the closer your triceps get too. Remember to keep your back straight and have all the muscles of your body tightened for best performance.


Sit-ups are performed while lying on your back, with your knees slightly bent and by contracting the abdominal muscles that rise in a sitting position. It may be easier to do sit-ups by placing your feet under something so that they don’t have to come off the floor. To get even more contact with the muscles, make sure you exhale while standing up, then inhale as you lower your feet and return to the starting position.


For the Dips you need a chair or something similar. Sit on the chair and place your hands where you feel most comfortable with your buttocks. Then stand up so that your back is out of the chair seat. Next, bend the elbow joints at 90 degrees and push your body with an extension of the elbow joint. This is a very good exercise for your triceps but also for your shoulders and chest muscles.


This is a very fun and exhausting exercise that builds strength while requiring good physical condition. You start by standing up, then move back down to the starting position to do a lift, then do a boost, come back up to stand, move back down 90 degrees from the knees and then do a powerful start as high as you can. Jump squats are the last part of a burpee, where you bend your knees and do a jump.

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