Introduce equipment into her strength training exercises


If you think these exercises are a little too easy, you can always make them more physically demanding by using different types of equipment that are neither too light nor too heavy.

Rubber band with handle

When you do a push-up, you can hold the ends of the rubber band or rubber band and place it on your back to increase the resistance. The same applies to dips, but the elastic is then placed on your neck. By holding both legs in the middle of the elastic, you can easily make loops, tricep extensions and elbows at the knees. You can also place the elastic on a door handle so you can row or train the sleeves by pivoting your arm outward or to the side.


The skipping rope is truly an underestimated tool with which you can improve fitness, balance and coordination. If the weather is bad and you can't get out and run, the skipping rope is a good alternative.


To be able to train and strengthen your grip, grippers can be a good substitute if you don't have access to a gym.


Why not take the time to work on your mobility or focus on an injury when you travel? Do you stretch or why not organize a yoga session? A foam roll is not as bulky as you might think, there are several different sizes, the smallest is 30 cm. A massage ball is another much smaller option that fits all suitcases.

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